01 Sep, 2021

Blueprint for Success

Have a plan.  Three simple words.

Being prepared doesn’t mean you are committed to action... just that you know about the options and are prepared to deal with the issues should they arise.

When you were in school there was lots of organizational planning.

At work it’s all about planning strategy… anticipating needs and providing the best possible solutions.

Then there are vacation plans, family plans, insurance plans, dining plans…and if you type “planning for..” into your browser predictive text will probably put up the word “retirement”.

Then for some reason we plan our funeral and skip over preparation for some of our most important years.

Do you have a plan?

Most folks don’t plan for Health Care in their Golden Years. In fact, my experience proves the eldest daughter usually makes arrangements. We trust in our families but really the decision should be yours. You alone are responsible because for your own happiness it comes from within.

How do we learn? Hit the Web and look at the ratings, ask friends for referrals, volunteer at a community, sample the food, talk directly with residents, visit with healthcare workers, ask for professional guidance.

Don’t make your decisions last minute, under stress or during an emergency. Know before any need arises.

Have a plan.