LB Homes offers Christ-centered senior living and care in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.


LB Homes is driven to excellence by our purpose and core values. For over 100 years we have cared for our elderly with Christ-centered care and support. In 2019 this vision was renewed as we restructured our organization to better engage our purpose and core values.

The purpose of LB Homes is to provide Christ-centered care and support. We do this by engaging our community to see the value each individual has. We center this value on the reality that everyone is made in the image of God. As a Biblically-based organization, we understand that God placed his only son as a value statement for the world. In the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ we see the lengths God’s love and care extend. It is with this foundation that we recognize all of humankind is honored because of the life and death of Jesus Christ. When we provide Christ-centered care and support, we do it in the reflection of Jesus. 

While we don’t require our employees to hold a Biblical worldview, we do require them to model their care after the image of Jesus Christ. That means our employees are held to treating everyone with integrity, compassion, dedication, team work, and customer service.

Our Niche

LB Homes serves others. The niche of our organization means we exist specially and specifically in our field. We are recognized in the area for our quality and second-to-none service mindset. This sometimes means that the best service we can provide someone is to help them engage in a different ministry or organization. Our staff have a primary goal to ensure that those seeking our care are treated to the best service for the situations they’re facing. We have a passion to provide Christ-centered care for everyone we come in contact, and because of this we are constantly expanding our services and strengthening our infrastructure to enable us to better serve those we engage.

Three Unique Attributes

LB Homes holds special distinction as a Christ-centered non-profit that provides a wide spectrum of services that enable us to deliver exceptional care for the elderly. These three unique attributes are referenced frequently in our care engagement. 

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