resident laughing

27 Mar, 2020

 “There you are!” A mother shouted excitedly to her son whom she saw on a video chat. It was their first sighting in days, organized by LB Homes’ activities department. The reunion was sweet and sobering.

LB Homes closed to all visitors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. LB Homes is executing a series of protective measures to keep residents safe, but what many are talking about on campus is the concerted effort to encourage residents.
Staff are inviting local students to send in art work and start pen-pal relationships with residents. Additionally, residents are finding it simple and easy to connect with loved ones on video calls, a welcomed change of pace that is filling the day with connection.
There was singing down the halls of LB Homes on Friday afternoon. “You don’t have to sing on key for it to sound good to the Lord,” the activities assistant commented. Then the chorus was sung and the sound waves filled the hall. The resident sat back in her chair, hands clasped as a smile shone on her face. 
There are many steps the LB Homes activities department is taking to lighten the mood during this uneasy time. Chaplain visits, visits from staff, and connection with activities assistants are supplying significant connection for residents who are unable to engage in the normal visitor and activities schedule at LB Homes.
“It’s so good to see you,” the mother continued to her son as the activities staff left the room. “How is your family?” she continued, a marker of continued connection that is supported at LB Homes for families and residents alike.