Don and Birds

18 Apr, 2020

 “She was having a tough day,” the activities assistant started. His gaze shifted from the staff member to the resident. “So, we decided it was a good day to take a walk to see the birds.”

LB Homes is limiting resident time outside their room. Some residents will have assistance going for walk around the complex or spending some time outside with a staff member. There is little-to-no contact for residents with other residents during this time of quarantine. It can be very stressful and unsettling. 

Countless employees came upon the pair as they gazed towards the aviary, continuing their conversation. One employee stood at a distance, holding back tears for a moment before continuing down the hall to tend to a task. The simple action of holding a resident’s hand and providing comforting company was a catalyst of inspiration for many who saw the scene that day.

“We’re planning to stop by and visit the fish on our way back to her room,” the activities assistant continued. “Right? and then we’ll have some coffee before taking a rest.” He finished his sentence with a comforting look to the resident. The pair faded down the hall, sharing stories of favorite memories. 

There is a special significance to providing Christ-like care and support for residents. It happens daily and is not often captured in an image or a story. However, when these moments are gazed upon they can provide a sense of hope that when tough days come we don’t need to handle them alone. Sometimes we need a kind conversation, a gentle smile, and to consider the birds of the air together.