LB Homes coffee cup

25 Apr, 2020

The Fergus Falls community leapt to the aid of LB Homes. In two short weeks 21 community members applied, received training, and are now set to deploy to the aid of LB Homes during the COVID-19 health crisis.

The idea for the Emergency Response Team formed as LB Homes received reports of how the Coronavirus spread in other care facilities. Through active screening LB Homes assesses if employees have been exposed to the Coronavirus in their daily life and/or if they are exhibiting any symptoms including fever or cold-like symptoms.

Knowing that the Coronavirus may impact our employee workforce, and that this impact could cause strain on the daily care and services we provide to our residents, the leadership at LB Homes sought to create a response team. 

The response team will back-fill roles, duties, and responsibilities that require basic training without specialized certifications. Many at LB Homes hold certifications in care taking, feeding, and other nursing assistant supports. The response team will conduct maintenance tasks, perform laundry duties, and care for housekeeping needs to create margin for LB Homes employees who are certified to provide direct care for residents.

LB Homes set a target of 20 Emergency Response Team members two weeks ago. As the scope of the Coronavirus is becoming more clear, leadership is expanding their original goal. There is a general feeling that 21 response team members is a great base for us as we engage Coronavirus, however there is a growing reality that COVID-19 has yet to fully impact our community. To best prepare LB Homes to thrive and succeed in continuing compassionate care for all residents, tenants, and clients we are adding more members to our Emergency Response Team.

To learn more about the Emergency Response Team, and apply for a position, please visit