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18 Jun, 2021


Dear Old Dad….on Father’s Day we remember our patriarchs. Most are “Grand”  Some are now “Great” we even have Great-Great Grandfathers. We like to think how they all started as little boys. Inside, behind the aged smile are all the memories of the days gone by.. the dozens of birthdays and family vacations, the schools and the jobs and the uncommon adventures. The trials and tribulations of adulthood. From their first kiss to their latest experience with future shock our job is to have the conversations to share the memories and the love that comes from a lifetime of being an integral part of a family.

This Father’s Day celebrate the things that make your relationship special and be glad for your Dad!





I love the smell of breakfast in the morning! Pancakes, sausage, bacon and maple syrup blend with the black coffee aroma. When I come in to work at 7:30 at LB Woodland Lodge the staff has already been “percolating”  for the better part of an hour. Cleaning, setting tables and cooking. As I pass by the kitchen the Chefs impress me with their presentation… dressing for their jobs like this was a fancy cruise ship kitchen or one of those TV show cooking competitions.

The hostess, whose smile hides behind the mask, is busy with the details that make each resident’s dining experience unique. I know one resident who started the day with Lorna Doone cookies and a cup of Vanilla Ice Cream… then progressed to the classic breakfast fare.

And everywhere there is coffee…. Black coffee… cream and sugar? According to one “That’s like putting ketchup on lutefisk”. The nurses think they run the place but the real power resides with the one who makes the coffee.  The kitchens are the hearts of our facility… hundreds of meals for dozens of different diet plans. Residents and staff enjoy the same fare. I gained 25 pounds when I first started working for LB Homes.

Now here’s my advice…. when considering any living accommodations check the menu, never trust a skinny chef…. and eat dessert first because there may not be room for it later.