Service and Food

02 May, 2020

A truck loaded with totes arrives at LB Homes every Tuesday. Inside the totes are groceries packed by Service Food in Fergus Falls. The local delivery is one of the latest ways LB Homes is being blessed by the Fergus Falls community.Each week Marie Tysdal receives shopping lists from the tenants at the Sheridan House. The lists hold essentials, like fruits and vegetables. Nearly every grocery order lists ice cream, another feel-good essential during Minnesota’s stay-at-home orders. 

A group of Service Food employees dart around the grocery store shopping for the tenants at the Sheridan House. The lists are carefully organized, keeping track of each individual tenant’s requests. The totes are organized by name and placed in a truck that quickly delivers the orders Tuesday afternoon.

When employees receive the totes at LB Homes there is a pause as Marie looks at names. “This one goes to third floor. That one to second,” Marie starts. She pulls from memory the apartment numbers of the tenants. She knows the hallways well as she walks them daily to check on tenants and ensure they’re healthy, feeling supported, and safe in their apartments.


Three LB Homes employees receive Marie’s instructions and start down the hall with carts stacked with totes of groceries. Each employee represents a different department at LB Homes. They show up to deliver groceries because there are additional tasks and procedures at LB Homes and they have an “all hands on deck” mentality.  The grocery delivery lasts longer than expected. Staff linger with tenants, wearing face masks as they connect. The tenants share thoughts, concerns, and thanks with the staff. Many tenants are thankful for the grocery delivery service, helping keep residents sheltered in place while safe and fed during this time. Fergus Falls is a very supportive community, and we’re thankful we’re a part of the area services.