LB Homes coffee cup

02 May, 2020

There are added care procedures at LB Homes during the Coronavirus response. Residents are not dining together. Families are not able to visit. Groceries are being delivered for tenants. This simple list is only a sample of some of the additional tasks LB Homes staff are tending to in addition to their daily routines.

To aid in support you’ll see LB Homes’ CEO bringing meals to residents throughout the week. RN staff are stepping alongside housekeeping and CNA employees to aid in their responsibilities. It is an all-hands-on-deck approach at LB Homes, and it is being noticed by staff.

“What I love about LB homes is that you cannot always tell who is who,” an RN shared with the Assistant Director of Nursing one afternoon at LB Homes. “On any given day you will see an RN doing CNA cares or a housekeeper helping in the dining room. It’s great to see everyone come together and work as a team.”

The residents are noticing as well. In the first week, when LB Homes enacted in-room dining for residents, a gentleman on the first floor of the Broen Home was taken aback. He told a staff member that he recently met the CEO of LB Homes. With a smile on his face he shared how the CEO gently set a tray of breakfast foods before the gentleman and politely engaged in conversation. The gentleman was surprised that the CEO stayed in his room for five minutes to discuss how the gentleman was faring in the wake of a number of measures LB Homes was taking to mitigate the contraction and spread of illness during this time.

An organization shines true colors in stressful times. While the preventative measures are creating extra tasks and procedures for staff there is a special identity that is shining at LB Homes. Nursing staff are visiting with residents more. Activities staff are bringing meals to rooms while setting up video calls with families, and the corporate officers are scheduling meetings around meal times and activities schedules as they step in to make sure everyone is tended to. 

The comment above slipped easily from a nurse to our Assistant Director of Nursing as she shared what she loves about LB Homes. It's what we love about LB Homes, too. We're all providing compassionate care together. We have a great team here.