Nurse walking

25 Apr, 2020

 There is an army at LB Homes that is engaged in the battle against COVID-19. We want to recognize those who are on the front lines right now.

This team of people have found new ways to do things. New information comes out daily regarding COVID-19. It can be dizzying for those of us at home. Imagine being someone who is providing care for the greatest population of people who could be impacted by the virus.

This army of nursing staff, dietary and kitchen workers, therapy team, maintenance staff, reception and office workers, chaplain team, activities department, laundry team, housekeeping, etc. have not missed a beat. They've cared for our residents' physical health very well.

What some may not think about is the care for the spiritual, emotional, and mental health of those we serve. Some are confused. Others are worried. Our staff have stepped up to provide incredible support in this marathon of fighting the Coronavirus.

Our staff are continually being updated on new information related to COVID-19. We're recording updates for training that our staff will view because we can't hold a large meeting.

Our staff are painting nails, curling hair, and even helping residents put their feet up a little bit, all in the residents' rooms. There is a lot of care and concern for the dignity of those in our care sites.

We thank all our staff for their incredible flexibility to help families connect, loved ones feel cherished, and our organization to continue humming along in the face of this pandemic.