Two people standing

15 Apr, 2020

The activities staff are sprinting around LB Homes connecting loved ones with family members. Video calls and special window visits are a few examples of how activities staff are arranging time to connect for loved ones. After a visit in the Broen Home and Alcott Manor one gentleman had the team linger in his apartment while he shared his appreciation.

He started talking about these being extraordinary times. He referenced his time in the Korean war, pointing out some pictures from his deployment that hung on his wall. He made simple parallels to his youthful years and that of the activities team visiting with him. Then he looked us in the eye and a tear formed.
"I don't know why you guys are going to all this work for some 88 year old guy," the gentleman said. Shocked, the team stood in silence. He went on to say that he has felt so cared for and loved during this time while he is living at LB Homes.
The gentleman spent the morning video calling his family. The team entered the room to deliver the lunch meal, and received the iPad he was using after setting a place for lunch at the gentleman’s table. A smile beamed from his face, knowing another set of LB Homes caregivers would be stopping by for dinner to connect, share a story, and make sure he had what he needs.
This is a small picture into what it has been like at LB Homes over the past few weeks. Residents are extremely grateful for the additional care and attention to the mental, physical, and spiritual health needs by our staff. It is a joy to serve at LB Homes.