Great care at LB Homes

04 Dec, 2019

“She asked my goals, what I wanted to get back into, and I told her I wanted to get back into living again.” Ricky’s words were powerful, as he shared his story while an LB Homes’ Home Health aide tended to care in his home. “It gives me a sense of security,” Ricky continued, giving a picture to why LB Home Care has a 4+ star rating side-by-side with LB Broen Home.  

Home Health  Compare and Nursing Home Compare are two services organized by Medicare.Gov. The comprehensive assessment helps families know which entities provide the best care on a number of metrics. The assessment is updated frequently, ensuring accurate and current statistics. The services help families make informed decisions on care for loved ones. LB Home Care has a dynamic ministry with high ratings. LB Home Care is traditionally a service utilized by families to help loved ones stay in their home longer as they age. Sometimes home care is used when there are health concerns for the loved one, and LB Home Care soars high above the competition when this is the case.  

“LB Home Care not only keeps those they care for out of the hospital, they excel at helping people build new rhythms of normalcy.”

LB Home Care has the lowest rate regionally of their clients visiting the hospital for an urgent or unplanned care need. Only 6.8% of LB Home Care’s clients needed an emergent hospital visit, compared to double that of the state and national average, at 12%, with other local home care options sitting north of 11%.  

LB Home Care not only keeps those they care for out of the hospital, they excel at helping people build new rhythms of normalcy. In 80% of the responses in the Home Health Outcome Assessment Information Set (OASIS), LB Home Care clients got better at walking or moving around. 83% of the respondents to the OASIS reported they were able to get better at getting out of bed and 82% said they got better in bathing. These  statistics rank highest in the region, notably higher than the national and state average.  

Following suit, LB Broen Home, LB Homes’ nursing care ministry, scores above average in the Medicare.Gov rating. The above average rating, four stars, is the highest in the Fergus Falls community.  LB Broen Home has strong consistency in the health inspection, staffing, and quality measures ratings.  Notably, LB Broen Home residents receive a high average number of hours per day of skilled nursing staff, RN (Registered Nurse) and LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) care.  Each resident, on average, receives 47.5 minutes of skilled nursing time per day.  

Through consistent care engagement, LB Broen Home scored a full five stars in the long-stay quality of resident care category.  This category includes residents who stay longer than 100 days in a nursing home.  In addition to LB Broen Homes RN and LPN staff, our CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) provide dynamic person-centered care.  

LB Homes provides free training for CNA students, helping those interested in health care as a profession gain valuable experience and training. In addition to this offering, LB Homes has a coveted mentorship program for new nursing staff. In a recent survey of staff more than 90% of respondents claimed the nursing mentorship program equipped them to feel confident in their role at LB Homes. LB Homes continues to show commitment to students seeking to begin and enhance their career, providing a tuition assistance program that has awarded over $400,00 in student school aid over the past four years. Taking care of employees has provided a strong working environment that is propelling LB Homes’ care rating above the regional competition. LB Homes believes if you take care of staff they take care of your company, and the recent reports listed above are evidence of LB Homes’ commitment to be the employer of choice and the provider of choice in mid-west Minnesota.