Recognized for Employee Care

28 Nov, 2019

“We aren’t trying to be the biggest, but the best.” LB Homes CEO John Zwiers spoke with confidence as he described the vision of LB Homes at the annual Fergus Falls YMCA Foundation's brunch. LB Homes was the 2019 recipient of the Partnership Award with the Fergus Falls YMCA for LB Home's leadership in the community as a partnering business.

 In Zwiers’ presentation to the attendees of the YMCA Foundation brunch he communicated how LB Homes is accomplishing their goal to be the regions employer of choice. “We have also given over $400,000 in student aid to our employees,” explaining how LB Homes employees who are attending college receive support to cover their tuition, books, and related school fees.

“We have also given over $400,000 in student aid to our employees”


As the presentation continued Zwiers outlined a handful of other efforts LB Homes is engaged in to support their employees. LB Homes started a mentorship program for new employees in the past three years. A recent survey communicated that 9 in 10 employees at LB Broen Home felt they had support and training necessary to accomplish their daily tasks thanks to the LB Homes employee mentorship program.

Zwiers also told how LB Homes provides a professional counseling service for their employees. He described LB Homes’ CareLifters program that plans employee activities and gatherings. He closed the education portion of his presentation with a strong vision LB Homes has to develop a benevolence fund for employees who are experiencing challenging times.

LB Homes is continually looking to enhance their team while also adding members to the LB Homes community. There are a number of job opportunities available at LB Homes. To find employment opportunities visit: