Gifts Keeping Clip Blog Article

14 Nov, 2019

 “I thought I should bring a gift, but nothing seemed right until I found this,” Missy Klemin held up a chip clip. Those attending the Chamber Cafe in Fergus Falls reached for their own chip clip, a gift from LB Homes, that held greater meaning than a simple gift.

“I’m sure you expected me to get up here and talk about how great we are.” The room filled with laughter. Klemin stepped back and smiled. “I’m sure you expected me to talk about how our Home Care is the highest rated home care in our service area…How our Hospice offers free informational packets, or how we provide education to the public, like Chaplain Aaron Christensen’s presentation tonight at 6:30pm in Barnesville. But, nope, my mind says, ‘Keep it clip’.” The room filled with soft laughter as Missy rolled her eyes at herself and smiled.

She held up the clip in her hand and looked at it, continuing, “It reminded me of how we keep people independent longer. Howe we keep people in their homes with their loved ones. How our nurses, social workers, and chaplains support caregivers to KEEP going. about the hours our volunteers sit at the bedside to keep our patients company so they know they are not alone. It reminded me of how our bereavement team helps those struggling with grief to keep going.” The room was silent. Some sitting up, leaning forward at the realization of the extent of the ministry mindset LB Homes has with providing home care and hospice services.

“So, when you use your keep-it-clip, I hope you think of us at LB Homes as we continue to keep our mission. Our mission is to provide Christ-centered care and support to those we are called to serve, wherever they call home.” Klemin closed her message with a smile, holding tightly to her clip as she picked up her notes from the table in front of her. 

The room went on to other business, some pausing to clip their papers with their new clip. Klemin and fellow LB Homes representative Don Mollerud packed up their papers. It was one of many stops the two are making in the community to share the ministry of LB Homes, especially as LB Homes celebrates home care and hospice month.