Resident Safety

11 Sep, 2019

 On Friday we sat down with two residents to hear about their time at Sheridan House, LB Home's independent living program.

Sipping on rootbeer floats an LB Homes employee listened as the two residents shared how safe they felt at Sheridan House. They talked about the bright hallways and responsiveness of staff to their calls of concern. They chuckled at cooking mishaps they had while noting surprise at how quickly staff responded to alerts they sent. Sheridan House equips residents with an emergency alert band that can alert staff when there is an emergency. The following story speaks to the Christ-like care provided at LB Homes.

One of the residents shared an early morning call she needed to make when she discovered her nose bleeding in the night. It was before the shift change at 4am, and she wasn't able to stop her nose bleed. She called the on-call staff and one of LB Home's care staff quickly responded. The staff member sat with the resident for over an hour, helping her manage her situation. When the shift change happened the care staff found the RN on duty and the two assisted the resident to receive medical care that was necessary at the hospital, a short trip from LB Homes. The care staff who had spent well over an hour with the resident stayed behind to clean the resident's apartment. When she returned later that morning, exhausted from her early morning ordeal, she found no remnants from the tumult of the mid-night trauma, a surprise after leaving her apartment in disarray hours earlier.

This care staff exemplified so many of our core values, something we celebrate through an organization initiative called Care Lifters. While Sheridan House is independent living, there are support services given from our wide spectrum of care with our nursing home and assisted living facilities connected to our independent living units at the Sheridan House.

LB Homes is great because our staff are great. Our staff live out our Biblically-based values and we celebrate their commitment to our friends we care for through our programs. Join us in celebrating our staff for the great care they provide minute-to-minute in all our facilities. This story is one simple example of so many complex situations, and we look forward to sharing more inspirational stories for you to celebrate the care provided in our community.