LB Homes coffee cup

23 May, 2020

“When you come over and visit with her it brightens her day. Seeing her smile when you go into her room makes me smile. Thank you.” The nurse stood between the activities member and a resident’s room at Woodland Lodge. Her comment was powerful in the wake of some challenging times in senior living and senior care.

There are a number of new policies and procedures that staff at LB Homes are executing. From donning a face mask and eye wear during their shift to documenting all travel they have made before entering the building, LB Homes staff are conducting significant safety measures to protect residents, tenants, and clients. 

One of the newest practices is documenting each room a staff member enters. LB Homes is doing this as the number of COVID tests for staff and residents increase. In the coming weeks each staff member and resident will take the COVID-19 test. Through documenting each staff member’s contact with residents we are prepared to continue our engagement in mitigating any infection or spread of the Coronavirus at any LB Homes facilities.

In the middle of these new procedures there is a resolve in staff. Many activities staff are taking extra time with residents, knowing that these times are challenging and can create trauma. Chaplains are making more visits with greater frequency, offering communion and spending additional time in prayer with residents.

While these mitigation steps are likely to linger through the summer months we are seeing additional commitment to our residents from our staff. Staff are creatively connecting residents with each other through video calls, even bringing in singing groups through the video calls to allow residents to sing hymns during this time. 

It is a commitment at LB Homes to build community. Despite the ongoing mitigation strategies to protect our residents, tenants, and clients are are continuing to see our goal of encouraging community continue.