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24 Feb, 2020

There are natural challenges as we age. The process can be stress-filled and create tension inside a family. One of the best moves you can make early on is to look into a Home Care option. Our friends and family who are getting older might not need feel they need all the supports right away, but a good home care, like LB Home Care, provides support for each step of our journey as we age, or as we walk with loved ones who are aging faster than they would like.

LB Home Care: Age in Place

Nurse visits are a highlight for our clients. A gentle knock the door invites a friend to visit on a scheduled routine who not only helps with tasks around the house, but who also monitors health levels and ensures our loved ones are safe at home. LB Home Care nurse visits are a social highlight that allows family members or dedicated care givers an expert perspective on the aging process while their loved one hears another voice in their individual cares.

This means that dedicated caregivers don’t need to shoulder all the responsibilities of care for aging loved ones. Now conversations at home can focus on enjoyable topics rather than needs or struggles arising from the aging process. LB Home Care is an active and supportive piece to the aging puzzle that allows loved ones to age gracefully in the comfort of their home.

LB Home Care Saves Money

Hiring an in-home caregiver is more affordable than the costs associated with a retirement or nursing home community. Utilizing LB Home Care early in the aging process can also keep a family member at home longer, saving the financial investment of nursing home care. In home cares often catch commonplace struggles and can help change diets and habits of loved ones to ensure their mental, emotional, and physical health for a longer period of time.

LB Home Care is Personalized

It is common for the coffee to be on when an LB Home Care nurse visits a client. Visits are a social gathering, where loved ones share passions, stories, and the latest happenings as cares are provided by skilled nurses. Because the nurse is visiting the loved one in their home there is a specific focus on the loved one they are visiting. Their client list for the day is staggered to allow ample time for cares, assessment, and a personal connection that not only supports the individual they’re visiting, but also gives confidence and encouragement to family members and loved ones that the LB Home Care client is well cared for.

LB Home Care Creates Peace of Mind

As our loved ones age we want to ensure they have the best care possible. There is a responsibility we feel to honor and love the people who cared for us unconditionally. With responsibilities ranging from kids, jobs, hobbies, and other important life-giving opportunities calling for our time, we can feel guilty that we might not be engaged enough in the care of our loved one. LB Home Care enables care givers to have confidence that they haven’t “hired a support”, but have invited a friend to walk with them through the aging process of their loved one. Peace of mind is created as loved ones see that LB Home Care provides so much more than a clinical support. There is love and a genuine concern that your loved one not only has someone looking out for their best interest, but has a friend who is guiding them through the aging process gracefully.

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