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09 May, 2020

 The days trend in stress for many engaging the Coronavirus. For many of our staff there is a resolve in the face of COVID-19 as they continue to provide excellent and exceptional care and support.


During National Nurses week many families are sending flowers as a thank you for the staff. These gifts are causing a good perspective in the face of the uncertainty resulting from the Coronavirus. 

One of the lead nurses on the first floor at the Broen Home said the flowers are a gift to everyone who is working. She was uplifted and called in other staff to see the joy they had from the flowers.

Flowers draw our minds to Matthew 6, where Jesus calls our attention to the fields. He asks who clothes the flowers of the fields. His call at the end of the chapter is that listeners would seek first the kingdom of God. 

The chapter reminds listeners that some of the most beautiful scenes in the world are painted by God. Jesus notes that work and toiling doesn’t help these flowers grow, but they bring beauty to the world by the delight of the Lord. Jesus calls the hearers of His message to have hope and confidence in the Lord. 

We are embracing this uncertain time with a certain hope. We are providing important care and support with encouragement from our community and the Word of God. These are challenging times, but gifts of flowers hold a deeper meaning that can direct our focus to our true hope, peace, and comfort. Thank you for your ongoing support.