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23 Sep, 2021

 Old Farmers Almanac

LB Homes… “Caring for you, wherever you call home”. If you are seeking Independent living with the best convenience in town consider LB Sheridan House.

The Fall weather is perfect for apartment shopping at LB Sheridan House! its’ been busy and that happens when there’s a tinge of frost in the air.

Now the Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a warmer than average winter… but, above average snowfall!  Which is just fine for our Sheridan House residents. Now, as dry as it has been this summer, we may not have any snow at all! And we like that possibility too! You’ll have to consult your own caterpillar and decide for yourself.

Whatever happens with winter weather, Sheridan House, Alcott Manor and Broen Home have a very dependable crew that burn the midnight oil when it’s cold to maintain and enhance our campus. Plus, with the underground heated parking if you must travel your car is already thawed.

And there seems to be no end to the staff that supports all of this convenience. What other kinds of folks work at Sheridan House?

We have Cooks in the onsite Campus Café and supply the free treats… the fresh baked stuff anyway.  Cookies, pastries, brownies. I say their secret ingredient is love… but our best desert chef says real butter is the secret to her delicious savory flavors.

Then there’s housekeeping! They clean your apartment each week. It’s light housekeeping… all the basics... Dusting, vacuuming and sanitizing countertops and the porcelain.  Sheridan residents do their own laundry, but free shared machines are at the end of every hallway and there’s a nice, wheeled cart to transfer clothing to and from the apartment without carrying anything.

We also have the maker of the free coffee…Sheridan House’s Office Manager and with that title comes the most important duty of the day. There is a variety of decaf and high-test options. Sif you make the coffee you also have to run the day-to-day operations in the rental office, stock the periodical room and the library.

Onsite is a Hair Stylist in the salon… and there’s the guy who drives the van.

 We share a lot of staff with the other facilities which makes it easier to have these specialty folks available.

LB Homes also has a long excellent tradition of providing personal spiritual counseling, inspirational musical guests, Bible study along with on-site and televised church services for all interested residents.

The number are amazing. When you are shopping for 55+ accommodations you need to look at all of the elements, amenities and the size of the support staff  and not just do a straight rental rate comparison.

At Sheridan House it’s all about convenience for the residents… it’s all here on-site or usually very close by. DO a drive by on South Sheridan… and check out the grounds. Call for a tour of 1- and 2-bedroom options!

998-1400 ask for Don the Sales Specialist for LB Homes.