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09 Mar, 2020

 Changing seasons can usher in a harsh reality for some. Stresses can move from shoveling snow to caring for the lawn. These tasks are signs for some of independence. They may be some of the final things we hold on to with great fervor. However, life is likely better in a senior living facility. Here are five simple reasons why:

Home is Where Your Heart is - 

Remaining healthy is a significant priority for us as we age, so is managing our finances. Often moving into a senior living community can help with both financial and physical health. 

Staying in ones home can be costly. There are the utility bills, taxes, insurance, and mortgage costs as a base. Beyond that there are often more stressful expenses. Snow removal in the winter time and lawn care in the summer are a few other costs that add up to more than simply dollars and cents. 

At LB Homes the senior living apartments at the Sheridan House and Woodland Lodge provide a break from stresses related to upkeep. Beyond laying aside the shovel and rake in giving yard work cares to LB Homes, residents can rest well knowing that their housekeeping is tended to. Families appreciate that there is a small army of caretakers who tend to light bulbs, mowing the grass, vacuuming the apartment, and ensuring the newspaper and mail delivery are consistent. These small tasks add up to a very supportive healthy environment, allowing home to be a stress-free zone at LB Homes.

A Crisis Community for Important Support - 

Neighborhoods aren’t exactly what they used to be. Many of us are busy, neglecting to check in on our senior neighbors when we come home after a long day of work. At a senior community like LB Homes there are care-taking staff who routinely connect with residents to ensure health and wellness. 

Emergency pendants in LB Homes’ senior living facilities alert RN staff who work in the skilled nursing areas of LB Homes. These staff are available to assist in times of crisis, allowing a tier of support before an ambulance or the hospital are called for care.

Individual Independence -

It may be hard to believe that moving into a senior living facility can free a resident, but it is true. Community opportunities are plentiful at LB Homes, and when new residents move in they are often greeted with more choices and freedom in community than they had at home, especially considering that weather can cancel plans of seniors very frequently.

Senior living facilities often have exercise options. At LB Homes the activities department works hard to connect each resident to the community. Depending on the level of care of the individual, the activities department may conduct routine community assessments, ensuring that the resident is feeling connected to community. Activities and exercise programs enable seniors to hold on to their independence longer inside a supportive community.

Many times we can look at daily activities as a marker of independence. However, as we age it is important to recognize that daily activities can easily become daily burdens and may limit the feeling of freedom we might have as we enter our golden years. Being physically fit, with a social community to engage, keeps us mentally sharp. These are priorities for the residents at LB Homes.

Recognize Restrictions for Future Fun -

There are natural restrictions we encounter as we age. For some of us are not able to run up and down a basketball court like we used to. For others, we simply can’t drive at night. These restrictions are natural and they should be recognized. However, these restrictions shouldn’t keep us from fun.

In senior living communities there are many opportunities to have community fun. At LB Homes a few months ago the residents of the Sheridan House planned a Pizza party. There are nights when residents gather to watch a late night movie. For many these activities wouldn’t happen if they were living on their own in a home they own. Many can’t drive at night, and the thought of trying to get home after a busy evening of socializing is tiresome in itself.

Living in a community like LB Homes affords social connection and fun times. Activities are consistent and a highlight for residents to not only see their friends, but also to exercise their body and mind. On-site Bible studies and church services are nourishing to the soul of those who are faith-minded. Bi-monthly concerts allow those interested in good music the opportunity to see a musical group inside their living community. Life at LB Homes can be very fun, even as one experiences restrictions.

Bring Home with You - 

At LB Homes residents can bring their favorite decor with them. The apartments at Alcott Manor, the Sheridan House, and Woodland Lodge are spacious, allowing for heirlooms and treasured decorations collected over a lifetime of experiences to move with a resident.

While there are many pressures we might face in hoping to stay home longer, often our lives are better when we move into a senior living community. LB Homes aims to support you throughout the aging process, allowing you to live the best life for the rest of life