Future Coworkers


11 Oct, 2019

“Okay, everyone smile.” A group of high school students stood in front a backdrop with lights glistening off their youthful faces. Smiles radiated a joy they gathered from connecting with LB Homes staff at the local career fair held at Kennedy Secondary School.

Over 349 students stopped by the LB Homes booth where they played plinko for prizes and posed for a photo booth while interacting with members of LB Home’s leadership team. The LB Homes employees held clipboards where they shared a Career Growth at LB Homes cover sheet. Students paused to consider some of the big questions the LB Homes staff were engaging with the students.

“How are you going to pay for college?” was a main theme from the LB Homes staff, as they engaged groups of students throughout the day. Answers ranged from “I don’t know,” to “That’s a great question”. The team of LB Homes staff unpacked interests and loves the students have. The group of LB Homes employees used clipboards to hold their Career Growth document that pointed students to consider LB Homes as they attend college.

LB Homes has a dynamic tuition assistance program for employees. While some students may wrestle with the idea of working while going to college, working at LB Homes not only provides a great salary, but can put students on a solid footing financially through the assistance program.