Residents above statistics

03 Oct, 2020

Amie Welch spent some important time at the Chamber Cafe in Fergus Falls this month. Her presentation on LB Home Care is one everyone in the community needs to hear.

LB Homes is actively engaging the desires of our seniors and their families in providing powerful home care support that is really changing lives.

Through our remote patient monitoring LB Homes has the lowest rate of hospital admissions and emergency room visits in the home care industry in our region.

Our expert staff monitor our LB Home Care clients daily through our remote monitoring system. Clients are reminded to take medicine through our remote portal, while also receiving basic daily assessments that can involve blood pressure, weight, and heart rate. These tests, read daily by our staff, alert us when a client has simply forgotten to take their medicine, or have missed following through on a care plan. These daily check-ins through our portal are followed up with a visit from an RN to the clients home twice per month.

Our LB Home Care remote monitoring is a minimal fee, saving some families over $20,000 annually in helping their loved ones stay at home longer while still receiving the regions best support and monitoring through a Christ-based approach.