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16 Mar, 2021

Working at LB Homes offers great opportunities for collaboration and teamwork.  We are fortunate to offer a continuum of care that brings many specialties together long term care, transitional care, therapy, home care, hospice, assisted living, and enhanced assisting living.  Through collaboration, we provide exceptional care to our patients.  But more recently, we were blessed to find collaboration and teamwork show magnificently in an unlikely task.

During the pandemic it has been crucial to have a web presence, someplace where people can find you without leaving their home.  Where a family can search care facilities, for loved ones, while living hundreds of miles away.  To accomplish that, LB Homes decided a virtual tour experience would offer that connection.  Now, the virtual tours themselves aren’t something new, in fact they are almost expected.  Even in healthcare and care site facilities. 

But what’s exciting is the level of teamwork virtual tours take to complete.  It all started a couple months ago, with different team members, some from long term care, some from independent and assisted living, maintenance and housekeeping all gathering around to decide how to coordinate our photo shoot for the virtual tours. 

Of course, it all started as many meetings do, a lot of ideas and questions.  Soon that whittled down to some clear roles for each team.  Maintenance would take care of the heavy lifting, marketing would coordinate timing, nursing would adjust and communicate schedules, and housekeeping would make it all look welcoming.  Now, multiply that by 25+ – because that’s how many areas we needed prepped for the virtual tours.  Everyone had “to do” lists that were added as extra duties.  And no one complained.  

They all went to work.  Maintenance changed out 88 recessed lights in Woodland Lodge, housekeeping organized and cleaned 25+ rooms until they shined, nursing and residents waited patiently while the dayrooms were being photographed.  And again, no one complained.

Woodland Lodge Great Room


Now, it’s easy to say, “that’s expected”.  After all, why would someone complain about doing their job?  Well, healthcare has been harder lately.  There are many things being asked of employees, residents, and staff.  Some might even wonder if we could hit a breaking point, but not this team.  It was a fantastic atmosphere to be a part of and we had fun doing it!  In the end, I received phone calls and emails from the team.  Did it go ok? Was there anything more that’s needed?  They truly cared.  Everyone cared and helped each other, happily.  Even the photographer commented that in an organization the size of LB Homes, this was the best run photo shoot he’s experienced!

One thing I won’t forget, on the very last day of virtual tours, I smelled burgers cooking in the kitchen.  Of course, when you smell something delicious, you have to check it out.  It was our Director of Support Services, cooking lunch for his team.  A team that had worked tirelessly getting everything perfect.  And where was the team?  They were sitting in the family kitchen, laughing, sharing stories, and grateful they had found a career where they are appreciated with LB Homes.

Some of the Exceptional Team


LB Homes Core Value:

Teamwork – Help each other make it happen.


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