03 Oct, 2023

 "Why LB Homes?"  That's a question that could be asking several different things and could be answered in several different ways.


It could be asking why does LB Homes exist?  That answer is easy.  We exist because the need for senior care exists.  LB Homes began as a church mission over 100 years ago, as a group of churches saw the existing need for senior care in their communities and rose to answer that call.  Today, over 100 years later, that need still exists, and is likely to become increasingly more important in the years to come.  With the need for senior care expected to grow significantly in the years to come, and the number of available caregivers dwindling, the work that LB Homes and other providers of senior care provide will become increasingly important.


The question could also be asking, "Why is the organization called LB Homes?"  That is also an easy answer.  The name LB Homes reflects both our roots as a church mission and the reality of the care that we provide - namely housing and support for seniors.  The "LB" in the name is a reference to the Church of the Lutheran Brethren, which was the church body that started our mission over 100 years ago.  Although today we exist as an independent non-profit, we are still connected with the Church of the Lutheran brethren as our Board Members are elected at the CLB Biennial Convention.


Of course, the question that may be most important to you is, "Why should I consider LB Homes for my care needs?"  And, of course, that is also an easy question to answer.  Because LB Homes provides great care, and our staff care deeply about the residents that they serve.  Whether it is long-term nursing care at the Broen Home, assisted living at Woodland Lodge, or at home care with our LB Home Care, our care team goes above and beyond every day to make sure that our residents receive the care and support that they need.


Now, you may be thinking to yourself that I'm a biased source, and yeah, that's true.  I am a little biased because I know this team well and get to see the care that they provide first hand every day.  But I think that if you get to know the team that we have at LB Homes, you'll come to agree with me, because they're a pretty amazing bunch.


If you are thinking that you may need some additional care, I'd encourage you to reach out and talk with us over at LB Homes.  We'd be glad to help you, and if we can't help you, we can help point you to who can.  And if you're thinking that you'd like to be a part of our team over at LB Homes, then give us a call or go online and apply.  We'd love to visit with you and see if you'd be a good addition to our team.


LB Homes
(218) 998-1400


God bless!

Rev. Caleb Larson
Director of Foundation and Missions - LB Homes